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Heal Yourself

“Heal the heart and soul first, and healing of the

mind, energy and matter follows”

– Master Sha –

Our Souls are like information warehouses, both positive and negative information exists and is stored.

Our hearts are the core to life, receptive to everything and everyone.

Our minds (consciousness) are processing information all the time.

Our energy and matter, form our living breathing body, continually influenced by the ‘warehouse’ within and external factors.

So what’s being stored in your soul’s warehouse that is creating challenges and issues for your health and life?

Let’s find out, then transform it!

We are in the business of teaching and empowering, helping you to increase the positive information within so you can become happier and healthier. We give you tools to make the long lasting changes you need.

Where to go, who to see?

Take us up on our offer, a free 15min consult, to find out what self-healing options are aligned with you.

Weekly group sessions in the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field, wellness and spiritual development programs, and customised Tao blessing services can be tailored to your needs.

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