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Tao Pathways

Follow natures way”

– Master Sha –

Tao is the Way, the Source of all Universal Laws and Principles that govern our lives and the world around us, whether we are attuned to it or not. 

Let’s break this down into real Aussie interpretation and illustrate its simplicity: 

Why do we wear Uggies in Winter? And Cossies in Summer?

Because it’s following the way of nature’s elemental cycles. If it’s cold, rug up! If it’s hot, jump in the ocean to cool down.

We are governed by the elements in these obvious ways, and also in ways that have been explained and passed down from ancient, scientific and spiritual wisdom.

Here at Master Sha Tao Centre we are super passionate about catering to those searching, on their spiritual journey, to wisdom seekers and earths keepers. 

Tao teachings, practices, classes, workshops and programs offer The Ways to satisfy all of your unanswered questions. Understanding the Tao will help you progress with clear and practical strategies for tackling life and becoming the best, most potent version of yourself. Most importantly enhancing your soul’s innate abilities – what’s already within you (Tao) will be brought to life.

A Tao Way of Life is living the wisdom through application of it. We explain what and why, show you how.

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